The Fairy Duck Project

Hello and welcome to the Fairy Duck Project. This project is designed to generate handmade Fairy Duck Dolls to children in Africa. I thought it would be nice for children who don't have very much in the way of toys, to have something beautiful to play with. So the Fairy Duck was created. If you would like to make a Fairy Duck, please send a stamp self addressed envelope to: The Fairy Duck Project PO Box 685 Bridgetown WA 6255 You will recieve a ready to sew and decorate Fairy Duck, Pattern and instructions. All we ask is that you send the completed Fairy Duck back to us and send some material and the pattern onto a friend. Our aim is to send 1,000 Fairy Ducks to Africa by the end of the year. We hope that you will enjoy the project and pass it on to your friends. A Fairy Duck can fly like a fairy and quack like a duck. She can swim like a duck and even fish for worms. However the best thing about a Fairy Duck, is that she can help make wishes come true. Goodluck.

Monday, June 11, 2007


I love this duck. Thankyou to jacki for this sweet ballerina Fairy Duck. Tre chic!


Thankyou to Lynette from Manjimup Senior High School for your wonderful effort. They are lovely and a welcome addition to the FDF Fairy Duck Family, which is growing day by day.

So, cute!

Thursday, May 3, 2007


These are the sweetest twin Fairy Ducklets. I had to hide them from my little girls because they are too cute. Thankyou Violet for your beautiful effort.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Two little ducks went out one day......

Two new Fairy Ducks have arrived from Manjimup Senior High School. My friend Kylie is a teacher there and has done a great job in promoting the project. She also donated 10% of the profits from her garage sale to go towards duck freight. Thankyou.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Vintage Vibes

We have a lovely little shop in Bridgetown called Vintage Vibes owned by Simone. She has offered to put some Fairy Duck Kits in her shop along with her treasures. So I have made up a little flyer to go with it.

Little Blue Baby

This Fairy Duck has been made by a Patchwork Quilt crafter. Can't you tell? Gabe has done a beautiful job and the stitching on the petals is very sweet. Thankyou, she's lovely.


Along the way, we have been receiving donations which is lovely. Today Kylie donated 10% of the profits from our garage sale to the Project. Her $10 will provide about 8 passports for 8 little Fairy Ducks. Kates cutlery provided 5 passports and other people have just given their change or five dollars to support the project. Isn't that nice.